Bret Kaiser – Vocals

Maxine Petrucci – Guitar

Chris Doliber – Bass Guitar

Roxy Petrucci – Drums

 WE RESERVED THE RIGHT in 1984 ……………………. and now MADAM X is calling in the marker!  MADAM X has returned - ALL original, ALL outrageous and ALL TOGETHER - ready to ROCK! With an arsenal of their original liquid-razor tunes  (“Metal In My Veins”, “High In High School”, “Come One Come All”) that continue to be played worldwide plus all-new, ripping anthems & relentless ear-gasms as only authentic MADAM X can deliver!  Putting aside distance & differences, original members  BRET KAISER – Vocals, MAXINE PETRUCCI – Guitars, CHRIS “GODZILLA” DOLIBER – Bass Guitar and ROXY PETRUCCI – DRUMS  have come together once again to create the pounding-in-your-face-cream-on-your-tongue music that is MADAM X. 

Originally signed in ‘84 to JET RECORDS by none other than the inimitable “Godfather” DON ARDEN (father to Sharon Arden Osbourne, wife & manager of Ozzy Osbourne), Madam X recorded “We Reserve The Right” guided by producer RICK DERRINGER (“Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo”, Edgar Winter, Alice Cooper, Cyndi Lauper).  With several U.S. & UK tours, two MTV videos, recording, etc. to their credit, the band’s obvious internal fraying, 80’s excess and egos finally led to a parting of ways for MADAM X, even as Jet Records met its own demise. 

 However, with an almost cult-like following the fans have remained loyal, gathering momentum over the years with a new generation’s appetite for glam-slam metal all the while still buying re-released copies of “We Reserve The Right”.

 In 2014, the reunion that was 25 years in the making happened before 12,000+ of the loudest, most loyal MADAM X fans in the world: SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2014.  SRF believed and fans from the world-over screamed their welcome-back by chanting lyrics to both old and new  MADAM X metal anthems! Reviewers have raved, with fans worldwide demanding more shows featuring the uniquely balanced, inexorable male/female 4-plex assault on your eyes and ears that only  this original 4-some called MADAM X can deliver up!

MADAM X IS READY TO UNLEASH A Brand NEW full length album "monstrocity" mixed by michael wagener , w/ 3 songs mixed by mark slaughter being  released on the emp label group. madam x is gearing up for a killer show on morc 2018. look for the new limited edition vinyl album. look for the most anticipated full length lp "monstrocity" on halloween oct.31 2017 .  The REZ-ERECTION has begun and ‘X-ers worldwide are demanding more – establishing MADAM X as the hot molton-metal powerhouse who seemingly never-EVER left the arena!   





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